shifting thinking @culturemonster @MaritimeMix2012 of coastlines, centres and peripheries

‘Thinking’ seems to be this weeks blog theme. Like Simon Ryder (photo), I am trying to put words to the thoughts. A huge influx of experiences can be difficult to sift through sometimes… can read Simon’s thoughts on his blog, and here are some of mine….

Whilst we are working on the research phase of Ex Lab in the UK, the  Center for Land Use Interpretation in America is exhibiting a series of images depicting and defining proposed centers of the USA. The LA Times carries an intriguing article that makes your mind whirl around. My sister is there at the moment so shared this with me – and I’m glad she did as it has set off lots of thoughts about what the Jurassic Coast is – and how landscapes are on the shift all the time – how this thing below our feet offers a sense of grounding and security, yet is completely unreliable!

Nothing remains the same for long, and the Jurassic Coast is no exception. And it’s not just the land that moves, but how it is managed, who owns it, who frames it. Food for thought.

The exhibition title: ‘Centers of the USA’ is, of course playful and ironic..

It’s a very interesting concept – the centre of anywhere…it immediately made me think of how we say someone is not ‘the centre of the universe’, the ‘world doesn’t revolve around you’. It would be interesting to gauge such centres according to power and money, culture or emotional wealth. There’s also the notion that centres can become peripheraries, and landscapes move too – the border between Italy and Austria is being redefined due to glacial melts in the mountains…..nothing is static…even, as I found out at our research day this week, magnetic north is unstable and moves constantly.

Ex Lab is presently the centre of my universe and it’s fascinating, inspirational and reveals nuances of the world we live in…….

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